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Easy diabetic juicing recipes – Juices can be very sufficient in diabetic nutrition. But there is wide range of different types of juices. What of them are the best for diabetics? First of all we should define what juices are effective in fighting with diabetes. Some nutritionists say that green vegetable juices are best of all. Such kind of juices has positive effect protecting the diabetics against acid build-up. They are great healers. As you are informed now what juices are best then read some interesting juicer recipes for diabetics >>>

They are:

  1. Asparagus juice. When you create a juice, you should add some green vegetable. For example, juice with asparagus. You need to cut off the tough stems and wash the asparagus. After this take 3-4 carrots, wash them and cut off the tails. The last ingredient is washed tomato. Make juice of these vegetables and enjoy! Nice juicer recipes for diabetics – See top diabetic recipes!
  2. Yummy broccoli juicer. You need one stalk of washed broccoli, 3-4 washed and untailed carrots, 2 peeled apples. Mix this all and create a yummy broccoli juice.

Spinach. Yeah, this is the king among the green vegetables. That’s why you should drink a spinach juice once a week or month. It is a good healer for diabetics. So what will you need? You will need a handful of spinach. Choose not packed ones, better when they are disposed open so you can find necessary spinach with wilted leaves. He is the most suitable for diabetic juicer. Also you will need 3-4 carrots and 2 peeled apples. Enjoy! If you want more juicer recipes for diabetics to enhance your chances against diabetes click here!

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