My weight loss diary

I’d been trying hundreds of ways to get rid off my overweight. Many of them resulted in nothing. The so called diets by the group of blood you have are nonsense. They didn’t help much. I was a lazy person and considered that diets are the best and easiest ways to lose weight. I was wrog. There are millions of modern and traditional diets that can only harm you but don’t give the desirable effect. But such diets taught me one thing:

  1. Healthy food. By this way I got known that you shouldn’t eat everything you want at any time you wish. There must be regular food pattern. Exact times when you eat. I have a bad stomach and my doc advised to eat 4 times a day. So I eat fruits like apples or oranges in the morning. For breakfast I add non-fat yogurt. For dinner I prefer salads of fresh vegetables and natural juices. After two hours I eat another apple. At six o’clock I have my supper. It can be non-fat, boiled meat like beef, natural juices or green tea without sugar. Now I don’t eat anything spicy, fried or salted. But I allow myself sometimes something tasty like ice-cream. It’s recommended only once a week but sometime I eat twice a week.
  2.  Exercises. If you think that a fitness club is your savior you are wrong.  Exercises at fitness club can help you to burn only extra pounds and slim your body. But this will happen only if you have chosen right courses, eat healthy food and train much. Yeah, I’ve read in one magazine that there are exact hours of exercise training a week. If you train less than that you won’t shed your unwanted pounds.
  3. Diet pills. They are quite effective you know. But not every diet pills are harmless. You need a consultation of your doc before to start using diet pills. But they are a good friend in fast fat burning. If you wish to lose some pounds before summer or an important event diet pills will help you. But as I’ve already said consult before to take. The best I’ve taken myself here.  Diet Pills
  4. Natural supplements.  This is the most safest and effective method. I use this one sometimes when I need to fasten the weight loss procedure. They are absolutely harmless. When you add some natural supplements to your regular food diet they bring some effective results. The latest modern supplement with super effective is Acai Berry.

5. Cleansed Colon.  This method is rarely spoken about. I didn’t take it seriously until my best friend advised to try it. Many of our problems are caused of various toxins and waste materials accumulated in the colon. It is a nice area for bacteria breeding. As a result you feel acne breakouts, decreased energy, abdominal pain, diarrhea and chronic constipation. But if you try some colon cleansers you will feel their beneficial result in a week! So I found online store and ordered some of them here.  Colon Cleansers. After cleansing my colon I felt much better than before. My digestive systems started to work and I started to lose pounds. Many of people say the same!