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Simple yet Effective Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

When veins in or outside the anal canal become irritated, they may become swollen or burst. This can be incredibly painful, especially if the hemorrhoids are external. Not only are hemorrhoids a cause of pain, they are also a sign of poor bowel health. Even if your hemorrhoids are not painful, they should not be left untreated. For many cases, a simple hemorrhoid home treatment is enough.


Hemorrhoid Treatment for Internal Hemorroids
Internal hemorrhoids tend not to be as painful as external ones on the anus. That is because the area inside of the rectum has few pain receptors. People typically become aware of them because they notice blood in their stools or on their tissue after a bowel movement. Even though internal hemorrhoids are not painful, they could worsen to the point where they extend outside of the anus and blood supply is cut off. These severe hemorrhoids may need to be surgically removed.

For internal hemorrhoids, the best hemorrhoid home treatment is to improve fiber in the diet and improve hydration. Foremost, you should drink more water daily. Also, avoid substances which could cause dehydration such as sodas and coffee. To soften the stools and help with hemorrhoid relief, eat foods which are high in fiber. Some of these foods include oatmeal, whole grains, lentils, prunes, raisins, apples, peas and artichokes. You can also use fiber supplements for hemorrhoid treatment such as flax seed oil and aloe vera juice.

Hemorrhoid Treatment for External Hemorrhoids
When hemorrhoids are external, they are typically very painful. Also, they often get irritated such as during wiping after a bowel movement. The good news is that, because these hemorrhoids are external, they can be directly treated.

There are various hemorrhoid cure ointments which you can purchase in any drug store. These are directly applied to the inflamed area. You can also make your own hemorrhoid ointment using petroleum jelly mixed with zinc oxide.

To cure hemorrhoids quickly, it is important that you reduce inflammation. Apply ice (wrap in a soft towel) to the hemorrhoids for 10 minutes. Immediately after, apply a warm compress to the area for 10-20 minutes. If you cannot bear the ice on your anus, then you can choose to only apply the warm compress several times per day.

One of easy home remedies for hemorrhoids are descriptioned below. It will help to get an instant relief but it also cures this illness. It has been proven medically as a safe hemorrhoids treatment.

Another way to reduce swelling and ease hemorrhoid pain is a sitz bath. Simply fill your bathtub or a basin with enough water so you can sit in it and soak your anal area. Not only does this reduce inflammation and pain, it will also relax your anal muscles thus causing less irritation in the anal canal. You should soak in the sitz bath for a minimum of 15 minutes and repeat this as needed throughout the day. 
The most important aspect of treating external hemorrhoids is to make sure that they don’t get worse. After a bowel movement, carefully blot the anal area with a clean, moist towel or use baby wipes instead of toilet paper or use a bidet/shower head for cleaning.

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