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Sometimes there is such a great temptation to eat something tasty when you should better not. For this some special snacks are created. I offer free diabetic recipes of best snacks for. This kind of food will keep you fit and healthy. These snacks can be added to your diet food plan because they maintain you sugar level and your weight low. And this is a real truth. So if you are worried about your sugar level and want to avoid diabetes then these snacks will help you to kill hunger and keep fit. But if you are already suffering from diabetes it does not mean you should exclude snacks as a potential; food. No more words the best free diabetic recipes >>>


1. Oatmeal snacks. This is an easy and tasty snack for breakfast time. You will need:

    1 cup of raw oats

     Full teaspoon Splenda

     An egg



     Some vanilla extracts

You need to take a big bowl and mix all these ingredients until smooth. After this preheat the oven to 300-350 degrees. Then bake the mixed in oven for 15-20 minutes. Snack is ready! Enjoy this tasty one of free diabetic recipes.

2. Chocolate Chip. Another wonderful snack of free diabetic recipes is chocolate chips. To prepare this snack you need to mix Splenda and margarine in a bowl. Then you should the mixed with some eggs, fatless milk, water and some vanilla. All is left to do is to bake the whole mixture in a baking sheet for 30-35 minutes. Yummy snack of new free diabetic recipes!

This is the short list of free diabetic recipes. When you learn them all you can prepare the best snacks, yummy chicken dishes, tasty desserts ad lots of other things. Subscribe to compilation of free diabetic recipes via mail for free now!

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