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Home tennis elbow remediesThere are many people who do not know what it is a tennis elbow. It is a condition that causes a nagging pain in your elbow. It usually affects the sportsmen, pianists, house painters, masons, golf players, tennis players of course, masseurs, blacksmiths and other people whose professional life is connected with frequent use of the elbows, wrists and hands. Today people who work much at the computer and use computer mouse start suffering this illness too. When there is big loading on elbow the micro traumas appear. They lead to the pain that can be infrequent and short termed. But sometimes the pain comes suddenly causing much suffer. In this case there several super home tennis elbow remedies that bring the intermediate relief. If you have this condition, you are more likely suffering from pain unlike any other. We’ve listed the best methods for tennis elbow cure:

1. Ice Packs. One of the easiest tennis elbow remedies to get rid of pain is to apply ice packs on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. It should be done once every 3 hours for reducing the swelling and pain.
2. Potato Packs. You can try another tennis elbow treatment such as potato pack. You need a small bag where to put warm potatoes. Then apply this homemade sack to the affected area. The warmth will reduce the pain and bring relief to you.
3. Use of celery. One of long-term guaranteed tennis elbow remedies is eating celery. It is quite efficient when you eat it for week or more. Of course it will not release your pain at the needed moment but then it will help to avoid their reappearing of pain in your elbow joints as well.
While hunting on the other tennis elbow remedies try out the mentioned above. Some will give you immediate relief and one will help to cure this phenomena. But everyone is individual and if one thing helps one person it can be useless to you. You should first consult a doctor if this is a serious case. More proven tennis elbow cure methods for the instant relief!

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