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The best home remedies for eyesight improvementThe most popular easy home remedies for eyesight improvement are vision improvement exercises. I have tried lots of such exercises in my ongoing quest to find the most effective ones. They are very easy to do and you can do such vision improvement exercises anywhere – at home, at work or at school. So if you ask me how to improve eyesight then I will recommend you one of the most efficient eye correction exercises.
 It is called “Three Cups”. The name of this vision improvement exercise sounds like some magician’s trick, doesn’t it? You should follow next steps to do this marvelous exercise. They are:

 1. Find something to write with. A pen or a pencil will be fine. Draw three circles (close but not crossing each other).
 2. Sit down on the couch, relax and put the sheet with drawn circles on your knees so it is 12 to 24 inches from your eye level. Take the pencil again. You should follow the contour of the circle with the pencil in air but it should not touch the paper. There must inch between paper and pencil.
 3. Fix your eyes on the top of the pencil and follow the pencil with eyes (do not forget to follow the contour of the circles with pencil)
 4. Now, take a new sheet of paper and draw two circles. Fix the bottom of the pencil between two circles. Relax your eyes on the top of the pencil and slowly move it towards your face. As you do this, soon you will see 3 circles instead of 2. The most important part is when you see that 3 circles are all the same size and shape, stop the pencil.
 5. Now move the focus of your eyes away from the top of the pen to the center circle. It should stay initially. If the contours of the center circle is still blurred you should do it a few times. Some people may need more time for practicing this exercise.
 6. Once you can focus on the center circle easily, you should move the pen away while keeping your focus. The center circle should be clearly seen.
 Doing this easy exercise every day you will keep the eye muscles intact. Great news! Not so recently there was published a good brochure with the best vision improvement exercises. They really work as I’ve already tried them all. If you still ask yourself how to improve eyesight then you should read this marvelous brochure. I’m sure such exercises should be treated as one of home remedies for eyesight improvement.

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