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There are millions of men who crave bigger penis than they have in reality. Many of them are disappointed with penis size and try to enhance it through different ways. I suggest the best 3 It will help you to become more confident in yourself and more powerful in the bed. I do not guarantee a monster in your pants but believe me these methods do work.


  1. Some jelqing exercises. There is an old proven exercise invented by Arabs for enhancing their penis size. You should make marks and notes about your progress on paper. First of all measure you penis before jelq exercising. The second thing you will more than anything is patience. This exercising does not make miracles at once even after a month. But if you are young and ready to impress girls in future let’s start. First of all you need lots of lubricant or cream for massaging penis. Before every jelqing you should wrap the penis in hot towel. After this take lubricant and start massaging your cock. Grab the skin and pull it up with one hand. The second put on the base and follow the second hand pulling the skin. Change hands and repeat about 100 strokes a day for terrific results. Guys say that 2 inches are added after 4 months. It is the first of natural ways to increase penis size.
  2. Penis Enlargement Patch – This method is a revolutionary breakthrough in modern male pharmacy. Patches are unique and useful but I guess it does not bring such great results as doctors say. Patches itself contain all necessary ingredients for male enlargement and deliver it to the penis through skin. This is a safe dermal technology. Patches deliver all nutrients to body to increase the penis size. Try new safe method! Learn more about natural ways to increase penis size
  3. .  This method is radical. If you really want a bigger penis in shorter time then I advise to take herbal penis enlargement pills. They consist of herbal ingredients that help to gain some more inches to your penis. When you choose the pills read about the each ingredient it has. In other way you won’t enlarge your winnie. Choosing among natural you should take in consideration your personal abilities, spare time you possess and how much you are ready to pay for a big kraken in your pants!

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