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When we talk about male fertility we mean high amount of semen. But sometimes men become less fertile and have a low sperm count. But this problem can be solved through 4 easy ways. If you follow them you will get know and . So let’s start:

  1. Loose underpants. You should not wear tight underpants all time. It leads to the low fertility. In this case men wonder and search answer on to how to increase sperm count. I will answer you loose briefs like boxers. This underwear is the most suitable and useful thing. Only wearing the loose underpants you can keep normal temperature of your testicles and enhance the production of sperm. This is the first method how to increase sperm count.
  2. Say no to hot baths. If you like hot baths you should reduce the number of water procedures in hot bath. It also influence on the sperm production. Get used to cool shower that keeps the normal temperature in your testicles and affects positively on you. This is the second way out how to increase sperm count.
  3. No cell phone in the pockets of your trousers. Cell phone has a bad effect on the male penis. It is proven by scientists that radiation from the cell phone is quite high and affects badly on the production of semen volume. So keep away your sell phone from the trousers pocket. This is the third home remedy . Mends Health bonus – .

Herbal semen pills. There are some additional supplements that are made of herbal ingredients. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat health food these herbal semen pills will help to increase sperm count. When you order you should read what these herbal pills consist of. That’s the forth way how to increase sperm count!

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