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Information of candida infection
 Candida yeast infection commonly occurs in areas such as the vagina, rectum or mouth. This fungal infection affects children and adults. Yeast infection symptoms can be noticed in the form of whitish patches near the mouth among young children. Candida infection among women is commonly found near the vaginal area. Vaginitis, a vaginal infection that affects women is caused due to candidiasis. Yeast infection symptoms in women may vary, but the common symptoms that occur are itching, burning sensation, redness, soreness, and discomfort near the vaginal area. If not treated early, candida infection can lead to a severe condition called candidemia.

 This infection among individuals with a weak or suppressed immune system can cause internal damage to organs. Occurrence of esophagitis due to candida is common among individuals that are infected with the HIV, and individuals that are being treated with chemotherapy. Yeast infection treatment varies in accordance with the individual and the severity of the condition. Depending on the condition and severity of the infection, antifungal medicine is prescribed. Common antifungal drugs prescribed for yeast infections are nystatin, clotrimazole and butoconazole. Most individuals that suffer from yeast infections use natural treatments for cure.
 Tea tree oil is used in curing yeast infections. Women with vaginal yeast infections prefer using herbal gels and creams that contain tea tree oil as it reduces inflammation and itchy sensation near the vaginal area. The natural antiseptic qualities of tea tree oil ensure that the infection is reduced. Diluted tea tree oil applications can be used daily in infected genital areas. Vaginal areas can be covered with mesh dressings dipped in tea tree oil solution to reduce soreness. Probiotics and yogurt are essential to ensure reduced risk of yeast infections.
 Oils from different herbs such as oregano, clove and cayenne are also used in treating yeast infections. Essential oils are commonly used as home remedial treatment for different types of yeast infections Creams that are made from different herbal ingredients are effective in reducing symptoms and healing yeast infections. Studies reveal that allyl alcohol which is a purified extract of garlic helps in reducing growth of candida infection. Herbal medication is preferred for different types of yeast infections because it is safe and does not have harmful side effects. Daily treatment with herbal creams ensures that yeast infections are healed. Make sure you start treatment for a yeast infection only after you’ve consulted your doctor or physician.

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